ARQTIS GRUP S.L. is a young Family-Office, since 2009, but with an urban and real estate experience of more than 40 years, in public and private promotion. 
Knowledge, specialization and professionalism are essential for the analysis, decision-making and execution of one's own actions, with or against third parties. 

  • The optimal dialogue, action and management for each situation require knowing and mastering the language of each of the interlocutors, disciplines, subjects, sectors or corporations involved. 
  • To develop an investment or promotion, a minimum internal or external structure is needed in management, financial, technical, legal, logistical and commercial matters. 

ARQTIS GRUP contributes its capacity and structure, its own and that of the team of collaborators, to cover these needs and to successfully achieve the Objectives of its Business Unit or the Optimization of its Assets. 

We offer full or partial services of:

   - Integral Real Estate and Urban Management and / or Property Delegate

   - Integral Rehabilitation Management 

   - Architecture and Urbanism. Team management and coordination

Property Management Support, Management and Direction of Projects, Works, Investments. Contribution of "Know How" and Added Value. 

The relationship with our clients generates an Asset Portfolio.