Rehabilitation is never a generic action, each case requires a specific solution and conditioned by many different factors: 

The characteristics of the property and its environment, the multiple sources of damage, the different possible solutions, the most appropriate techniques and their fit with the will and economic capacity of the owners, the understanding between communities, the relationship with the administrator, the technical-administrative facilities or obstacles, the project and its adequacy with the technical and legal regulations, the award to the most appropriate specialist contractors and industrialists, the coordination of its execution, the weather and climate factor, the possibility of seek and obtain aid or subsidy from the Administrations and their requirements. 

The intervention of the various professionals, the competent administrations and the property affected, requires global management and coordination to successfully achieve the objectives. 

Arqtis Grup covers, with its specialized service, the Integral or Partial Management with the Property of the whole process, from the previous study to the completion of the works and processing of subsidies. 

Our Added Value is to support the Property in all decisions and actions, with the management and coordination of the professional teams involved and the relationship with the competent administrations and, above all, monitoring the perfect adequacy of the action to the procedures and requirements of obligatory fulfillment of the granting Administrations, in the case of taking refuge in aids or subsidies.