1. Real Estate Feasibility Study for the adequate assessment of the viability of an asset, land or Development, in two successive levels.

      - Preliminary and / or complete and careful study.

      - Legal and urban situation.

      - Urban Audit.

      - Study of market positioning and suitability 

2. Delegated Management of the Property, integral or partial, for the development and execution of the promotion in the actions of:

      - Promoting structure and financial engineering, own and external resources

      - Structure and control of professional teams, negotiation and contracting

      - Study of offers, comparison, award and monitoring

      - Marketing and commercialization, control and / or contribution of the equipment

      - Management, coordination and monitoring of the Promotion and sale 

3. Defense of the Patrimony: Actions and Management in representation of the Property in front of Local and Autonomic administrations and third parties 

4. Contribution of "Know How": Advice and professionalism to achieve the Objectives