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Architecture, in its professional exercise at the service of individual and collective needs, is increasingly conditioned by important and changing technical, regulatory, legislative and urban planning requirements.

The use of the constructions to be projected is also subject to rigorous and changing specific conditions, both technical, legal and socio-political derived from the constraints imposed by the institutions. Sectoral Administrations and Services.

Urbanism has historically suffered important and successive changes in the Spanish State and in Catalonia, especially since 2002, the successive new Laws and Regulations, its modifications and adaptations to the State, have brought a necessary specialization for its rigorous treatment and application.

At the moment the participation of different specialists professionals is required for the writing and execution of an action of Building, Civil Work or Urbanism.

Arqtis Grup offers the services of Architecture and Urbanism in the drafting of projects, coordination, direction and execution of the work, own and the team of collaborators, contributing an added value, the Integral Management of the process and coordination of the agents and professionals involved, to successfully achieve the goal.

Arqtis Grup is a specialist in Urban Planning and Relations with the Administration and offers the consultancy, support and Urban Management service for the optimization, defense, transformation or development of real estate assets.

Among others, we offer services of:

  • Management, coordination, contribution of teams and / or association with teams for certain projects 
  • Drafting and execution of projects 
  • Management and procedures with the Administration 
  • Presentation and promotion to attract clients and projects 
  • Support in drawing up plans Making models 3D Modeling, Renders and Animations